Dear CLGBTH community,

First and foremost: The Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender History stands in support of all those throughout the United States and beyond in their continued fight for social justice, especially the necessary work of dismantling all forms of anti-Blackness and state violence. We demand the full dignity, value, and respect of all Black lives and remain committed and will continue to fight for the full liberation against all forms of state oppression.

The CLGBTH joins ongoing efforts to end all anti-Black violence and views the debilitating effects of the novel coronavirus, especially among those most vulnerable, as a product and extension of colonial terror and state violence. 

We are offering a second round of ten (10) CLGBTH Hardship Grants of $200 each. These grants are open to any CLGBTH member in need on a no-questions-asked, first-come, first-serve basis. To request a CLGBTH Hardship Grant, please send one email addressed to BOTH Julio Capó Jr. and Emily Hobson at jcapo@fiu.edu and ehobson@unr.edu.  We will immediately work with you and our incredible treasurer and secretary, Emily Skidmore, to send you the funds.

We encourage those who are able to consider donating to organizations that are among those committed to Black liberation and aiding people on the ground right now. While there are several others, you could consider: Black Visions CollectiveReclaim the Block, and North Star Health Collective.

While we encourage you to donate first to any of the organizations, such as the ones listed above, that are providing immediate assistance to the protestors and others committed to fighting against and dismantling anti-Black violence in the United States and beyond, we also welcome donations to our organization to help us make our assistance programs sustainable in the immediate future and for years to come. The best way to make a donation to the CLGBTH is using Venmo and donations can be sent directly to our organization via that platform @CLGBTH. You may also use the donation link that can be found on the right margin of our website.

In solidarity,
Julio Capó, Jr and Emily K. Hobson
CLGBTH Co-chairs


Welcome to the homepage of the Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History, an affiliated society of the American Historical Association. The Committee on Lesbian and Gay History was founded in 1979 to promote the study of homosexuality in the past and present by facilitating communication among scholars in a variety of disciplines working on a variety of cultures. The name of the committee was changed to Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in January 2009. Since 1982, the Committee has been officially recognized as an affiliate of the American Historical Association and meets annually in conjunction with the AHA conference, where we sponsor sessions on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer history. One need not be a member of the AHA to join the Committee.

Join the CLGBTH! If you are a scholar of LGBT/queer history, we need your support. Become part of our community and join our collective endeavor to enrich the historical profession with LGBT perspectives, voices and histories. Together we can ensure that LGBT and queer histories remain powerfully and visibly present in our field, in our educational institutions, and in our society at large.

Membership is available on an annual or lifetime basis.  Members receive our twice-yearly newsletters, which include book reviews, conference updates, a co-chairs’ column, and other information about the vibrant field of LGBT history. Membership also grants access to our email list-serv. Membership dues support our status as an affiliate organization of the American Historical Association, whose annual meetings host our own slate of over a dozen queer-themed sessions, medicines. Your support also enables us to offer cash prizes for outstanding books and articles in the field. Finally, if you are committed to our mission, and want to get involved as a member of our governing board, we would love to hear from you. And if you are a former member whose membership has lapsed, we invite you to update now.

Your membership ensures that queer history remains a vibrant part of the broader historical community. Join the CLGBTH NOW!

The CLGBTH supports and similarly adopts the American Historical Association’s Sexual Harassment Policy (2018).