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Don Romesburg Prize

In 2019, the Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History will award the inaugural Don Romesburg Prize for outstanding K-12 curriculum in LGBT history.

Don Romesburg is a former co-chair of the CLGBTH and the lead author of the groundbreaking report, Making the Framework FAIR: California’s History-Social Science Framework Proposed LGBT Revisions Related to the FAIR Education Act, which he wrote about for Perspectives in 2016. We are thrilled to honor and to extend his work to bring intersectional and research-driven LGBT history content to K-12 students. The inaugural prize will be awarded for work completed in 2018 (announced at AHA 2019), and thereafter will be awarded every other year. It will be open to K-12 educators in all content areas and educational institutions. We will share the winning curriculum on our website and through our networks with the hope of encouraging teachers around the nation to adapt the content to meet their own objectives, standards, and student needs.

The Don Romesburg Prize is designed to recognize educators who have demonstrated excellence in curriculum design that promotes students’ understanding of LGBT history. Educators are encouraged to self-nominate by submitting evidence of their own original lesson plan on a topic relevant to LGBT history. The lesson plan should be aligned to appropriate state or national standards and include instructions, supporting material, and evidence of teaching effectiveness. Whenever possible, applicants should design lessons that seamlessly incorporate LGBT history into existing units. (For example, a unit on the various groups that served in the military and defense industries during WWII might be adapted to include LGBT people. Similarly, a unit on the Red Scare might be adapted to include analysis of the Lavender Scare.) We also encourage lessons that incorporate unique primary sources, employ innovative instructional strategies (i.e. the use of multimedia technologies, creative art projects, or dramatizations), or facilitate collaboration with local museums/historical societies. Educators are especially urged to submit evidence of curriculum that teaches cultural empathy and promotes classroom-wide or school-wide dialogue.

Eligibility: The Don Romesburg Prize is open to educators in all content areas and educational institutions.

Application Requirements: To be considered for this prize, please submit the following evidence:

a. Description/overview/rationale for the lesson plan
b. Alignment to relevant National and/or State K-12 Standards
c. Detailed lesson plan including step by step instructions
d. All supporting material including student handouts or lesson materials
e. Evidence of teaching effectiveness (e.g. samples of student work, photographs or video of the lesson implementation, and/or assessment results)
f. Evidence of an understanding of the larger body of scholarly research on the topic (e.g. a summary of the scholarly work on your topic and/or a list of scholarly sources consulted during the creation of the lesson)

Application Deadline: Emailed submissions must be sent by 11:59pm (Pacific time), 1 October 2018 to all members of the prize committee.

Prize Committee:

Don Romesburg, Sonoma State University,
David Duffield, University of Colorado, Denver,
Wendy Rouse, San Jose State University,

Winners will be announced at the Committee on LGBT History’s annual reception at the 2019 American Historical Association conference in Chicago, Illinois.