Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Membership Form for New Members and Renewals


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  • New Member: $10 
  • Renew Membership: $10 

Regular (Income Under US$ 40,000/Year)

  • New Member: $20 
  • Renew Membership: $20 

Regular (Income Over US$ 40,000/Year)

  • New Member: $40 
  • Renew Membership: $40 

Lifetime Member

  • $300 

Paper Copy of CLGBT History Newsletter

  • $10 

Is My Membership up to date?
Please contact the Committee on LGBT History Treasurer-Secretary, Phil Tiemeyer, at

To check, look at the mailing label on your newsletter. Across from your name is a number or the letter “L.” The number indicates the last year you paid. The “L” indicates Life Member status. If you aren’t paid up, please renew your membership now. We try to continue to send the newsletter to those who are behind in paying, but this puts a strain on finances. If you don’t think the number on your newsletter accurately reflects your last dues payment, or if you don’t have the newsletter but still want to check on this, please contact the Committee on LGBT History Treasurer-Secretary Phil Tiemeyer, at

Become a fan of the Committee on LGBT History on Facebook! This Facebook page exists primarily to allow members to connect with one another independently, and to ensure that we don’t lose touch with members as addresses and university email accounts change. Search for “Committee on LGBT History” on Facebook to find the page.

Donations and dues support Committee on LGBT History activities at the AHA annual meeting and other conferences, our prizes, our newsletter, and our other projects. Mail membership forms, dues, and donations to:

Phil Tiemeyer
CLGBTH Treasurer-Secretary
3126 16th St NW Apt 41
Washington, DC 20010