Dissertations and Theses

Recently completed masters theses and dissertations in the field of LGBT history:
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In Progress

Scott De Orio
The Invention of Bad Gay Sex
University of Michigan, History and Women’s Studies
Supervisor: Matt Lassiter
Readers: David Halperin, Gayle Rubin, William Novak

Chelsea Del Rio
That Women Could Matter: Building Lesbian Feminism in California, 1955-1982
University of Michigan, History
Supervisor: Regina Morantz-Sanchez
Readers: Matt Lassiter, Rachel Neis, Gayle Rubin, Rebecca Kluchin

René Esparza
From Vice to Nice: Race, Sex, and the Gentrification of AIDS
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, American Studies
Supervisors: Roderick A. Ferguson, Kevin P. Murphy
Readers: Lorena Muñoz, Edén P. Torres, Martin F. Manalsan, IV

Elisabeth Frances George
Queer Life in the Queen City and Beyond: Resistance, Space, and Community Mobilization in the Southwest Missouri Ozarks, 1939-2003
State University of New York at Buffalo, History
Supervisor: Susan Cahn
Readers: Victoria Wolcott, Michael Frisch

Shane Landrum
Documenting Citizens: Birth Certificates and American Identities, 1890-present
Brandeis University, History
Supervisor: Michael Willrich
Readers: Jacqueline Jones, Margot Canaday

Caroline Radesky
Feeling Historical: Same-Sex Desire and the Politics of History, 1880-1920
University of Iowa, History
Supervisors: Leslie Schwalm, Doug Baynton, Lisa Heineman
Readers: Jeff Bennett, Isaac West, Landon Storrs

Carly Simpson
Act Out: A History of Lesbian and Gay Activism at Three Ontario Universities
York University, History
Supervisor: Marc Stein
Readers: Kathryn McPherson, Marcel Martel


Brian J. Distelberg
Visibility Matters: The Pursuit of American Belonging in an Age of Moving Images
Yale University, History
Supervisor: George Chauncey
Readers: Joanne Meyerowitz, Matthew Frye Jacobson

Wannes Dupont
Free-Floating Evils: A Genealogy of Homosexuality in Belgium
University of Antwerp, History
Supervisors: Henk de Smaele, Kaat Wils
Readers: Robert A. Nye, Jan E. Goldstein, Herman Van Goethe

Craig Griffiths
Gay Politics in 1970s West Germany
Queen Mary University of London, History
Supervisor: Christina von Hodenberg
Readers: Chris Waters, Bernhard Rieger

Abram J. Lewis
The Falling Dream: Unreason and Enchantment in the Gay Liberation Movement
University of Minnesota, American Studies
Supervisors: Roderick A. Ferguson, Regina Kunzel
Readers: Mark D. Jordan, Jean Langford, Kevin P. Murphy

Katherine Schweighofer
Legacies of Lesbian Land: Rural Feminist Spaces and the Politics of Identity and Community
Indiana University, Gender Studies
Supervisors: Colin R. Johnson, Susan Stryker
Readers: Mary L. Gray, Scott Herring, Stephanie Sanders

Mark Joseph Walmsley
“The First Draft of History”: How the Process of News Construction Has Influenced Our Understanding of the Civil and Gay Rights Movements of the 1960s
University of Leeds, History
Supervisor: Simon Hall
Readers: Kate Dossett, Jonathan Bell

Janet Weston
Curing Sexual Deviance: Medical Approaches to Sexual Offenders in England, 1919-1959
Birkbeck, University of London, History
Supervisor: Joanna Bourke


Teresa Ann Algoso
University of California–Santa Barbara, History
Sex, Science and Hermaphroditism in Early Twentieth-Century Japan
Supervisor: Sabine Fruhstuck
Readers: Luke Roberts, Paul Spickard, Leila Rupp

Thomas John Balcerski
Cornell University, History
Intimate Contests: Manhood, Friendship, and the Coming of the Civil War
Supervisor: Edward E. Baptist

Daniel F. Brandl-Beck
“Berlin from Behind”: a History of “Gay” Travel to Inter-War Berlin
University of Queensland, History
Supervisors: Clive Moore, Andrew Bonnell
Readers: Robert Aldrich, Chris Brickell

Jonathan Coleman
Rent: Same-Sex Prostitution in Modern Britain, 1885-1957
University of Kentucky, History
Supervisor: Philip Harling
Readers: James Albisetti, Karen Petrone, Ellen Rosenman, Lucinda Ramberg

Alix Genter
Risking Everything for That Touch: Butch-Femme Lesbian Culture in New York City from World War II to Women’s Liberation
Rutgers University, History
Supervisor: Nancy Hewitt
Readers: Donna Murch, Whitney Strub, Leisa Meyer

John Paul Frederick Halferty
Political Stages: Gay Theatre in Toronto, 1967–1985
University of Toronto, Drama
Supervisor: Andrea Most

Jennifer D. Jones
The “Fruits of Mixing”: Homosexuality and the Politics of Racial Empowerment, 1945-1975
Princeton University, History
Supervisor: Tera W. Hunter
Readers: Margot Canaday, Joshua B. Guild, Jane Dailey

Katherine Perdue
Writing Desire: The Love Letters of Frieda Fraser and Edith Williams
York University, History
Supervisor: Kathryn McPherson
Readers: Marlene Shore, Marc Stein

Johanna Rothe
University of California, Santa Cruz, History of Consciousness
Psychoanalysis, Sexuality, and Nationality in Late Habsburg Austria
Supervisor: Carla Freccero
Readers: Arondekar, Anjali R., Godzich, Wlad

Dan Royles
Don’t We Die Too?: the Political Culture of African American AIDS Activism
Temple University, History
Supervisor: Beth Bailey
Readers: David Farber, Bryant Simon, Heather Thompson, Alondra Nelson

Thomas X. Sarmiento
The Heartland of Empire: Queer Cultural Imaginaries of Filipinas/os in the Midwest
University of Minnesota, American Studies
Supervisors: Kale Bantigue Fajardo, Kevin P. Murphy
Reader: Jigna Desai

Cookie Woolner
“The Famous Lady Lovers:” African American Women and Same-Sex Desire from Reconstruction to World War Two
University of Michigan, History and Women’s Studies
Supervisors: James W. Cook and Regina Morantz-Sanchez
Readers: Gayle Rubin, Sherie Randolph


Cyd Cipolla
“After These Horrendous Crimes, that Creature Forfeits his Rights”: The Sexually Violent Offender as Exceptional Criminal
Emory University, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Supervisor: Rosemarie Garland-Thomson
Readers: Sander L. Gilman, Kay L. Levine, Joy A. McDougall

John Goins
Confronting Itself: The AIDS Crisis and the LGBT Community in Houston
University of Houston, History
Supervisor: Nancy Beck Young
Readers: Eric Walther, Maria Gonzalez, Linda Reed

Bridget Gurtler
Synthetic Conception: Artificial Insemination and the Transformation of Reproduction and Family in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century America
Rutgers University, History
Supervisor: Keith Wailoo
Readers: Julie Livingston, Margaret Marsh, Rayna Rapp, and Paul Israel

Stephen Vider
No Place Like Home: A Cultural History of Gay Domesticity, 1948-1982
Harvard University, History of American Civilization
Supervisor: Nancy F. Cott
Readers: Robin Bernstein, Glenda Carpio, Margot Canaday

Jerry Watkins
Hot Times on the Gay Gulf Coast: Queer Networks and Cruising Through North Florida’s Spaces, 1945-1965
King’s College London, American Studies
Supervisor: John Howard
Readers: Matt Cook, Jonathan Bell

Ellen Zitani
Love’s Ethics: Sibilla Aleramo and Queer Feminism in Fin de Siecle Italy
CUNY Graduate Center, History
Supervisors: Mary Gibson, Randolph Trumbach
Readers: Dagmar Herzog, Marta Petrusewicz


Hongwei Bao
“Queer Comrades”: Gay Identity and Politics in Post-Socialist China
The University of Sydney, Gender and Cultural Studies
Supervisors: Catherine Driscoll, Mayfair May-Hui Yang
Readers: Lisa Rofel, Fran Martin, and Meaghan Morris

Ryan Lee Cartwright
Peculiar Places: A Queer History of Rural Nonconformity
University of Minnesota, American Studies
Supervisors: Roderick A. Ferguson, Regina Kunzel, and Kevin P. Murphy
Readers: Jennifer Gunn, Omise’eke N. Tinsley

Howard Chiang
Why Sex Mattered: Science and Visions of Transformation in Modern China
Princeton University, History of Science
Supervisors: Benjamin Elman, Angela Creager
Readers: Margot Canaday, Larissa Heinrich

Christianne A. Gadd
The Advocate and the Making of a Gay Model Minority in the United States, 1967-2007
Lehigh University, History
Supervisor: John Pettegrew
Readers: Dawn Keetley, Gail Cooper, Edward P. Morgan

Amy Tooth Murphy
Reading the Lives between the Lines: Lesbian Literature and Oral History in Post-War Britain
University of Glasgow, History and English Literature
Supervisors: Lynn Abrams, David Shuttleton

Rinardo Reddick
Sexual Encounters: Gay Male College Students’ Use of the Internet and Social Media
Iowa State University, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Supervisor: Dan Robinson

Serena Tolino
Homosexuality and Homosexual Acts in Islamic Law and in Positive Law: the Egyptian Case with Some Mentions of the Lebanese Case
University of Naples “L’Orientale” (Italy), Near East Studies
Supervisors: Jürgen Paul, Agostino Cilardo
Readers: Almut Höfert, Alex Metcalfe, Matthias Kaufmann, Maria Giovanna Stasolla


Catherine Batza
Before AIDS: The Gay and Lesbian Community Health Movement in the 1970s
University of Illinois at Chicago, History
Supervisor: John D’Emilio
Readers: Jennifer Brier, Susan Levine

Tristan Cabello
Queer Bronzeville: Race, Homosexuality and Culture in Black Chicago 1935-1985
Northwestern University, History
Supervisor: Michael Sherry

Julio Capó, Jr.
From Subculture to Mainstream: The Transformation of Miami’s Queer Urban Space, 1940 – 1980
Florida International University, History
Supervisors: Alex Lichtenstein and Darden A. Pyron
Readers: Alex Stepick, Sherry Johnson and Aurora Morcillo

Betty Luther Hillman
America Dresses for Culture Wars: The Politics of Self-Presentation, 1964-80
Yale University, History
Supervisor: Joanne Meyerowitz
Readers: George Chauncey, Matthew Jacobson, Robert W. Gordon

David Palmer
Imagining a Gay New World: Communities, Identities, and the Ethics of Difference in Late Twentieth-Century America
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, History
Supervisor: John F. Kasson
Readers: William F. Brundage, Jacquelyn Dowd Hall, John Howard, John Wood Sweet

Andrew Israel Ross
Urban Desires: Practicing Pleasure in the “City of Light,” 1848-1900
University of Michigan, History
Supervisor: Joshua Cole
Readers: Kathleen Canning, Scott Spector, David Caron

Emily Skidmore
Exceptional Queerness: Defining the Boundaries of Normative U.S. Citizenship, 1876-1936
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, History
Supervisors: David Roediger and Antoinette Burton
Readers: Fiona I.B. Ngo, Kristin Hoganson Siobhan Somerville


Justin Bengry
The Pink Pound: Commerce and Homosexuality in Britain, 1900-1967
University of California, Santa Barbara, History
Supervisor: Erika Rappaport
Readers: Leila Rupp, Ken Mouré, Stephan Miescher, Lisa Jacobson

Kathleen Casey
Cross-dressers and Race-crossers: Intersections of Gender and Race in American Vaudeville, 1900-1930.
University of Rochester, History
Supervisor: Victoria Wolcott
Readers: Lynn Gordon and Joan Saab

Jason Narlock
Cul-de-Sac Communities: Lesbian and Gay Experience in Orange County, California 1969-1984
King’s College London, American Studies
Supervisor: John Howard
Readers: David Serlin, Mandy Merk

K.J. Rawson
Archiving Transgender: Affects, Logics, and the Power of Queer History
Syracuse University, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric
Supervisor: Margaret Himley
Readers: Eileen Schell, Lois Agnew, Charles E. Morris III, and Kenneth Lavender

Christopher Schroeder
Mapping the Contours of Queer Cultural Politics in a Midwestern City: The Case of Toledo, Ohio
University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Geography
Supervisor: Judith Kenny
Readers: Kristin Sziarto, Jennifer Jordan, Lawrence Knopp, Anna Mansson-McGinty

Brice D. Smith
“Yours in Liberation”: Lou Sullivan and the Construction of FTM Identity
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, History
Supervisor: Merry Wiesner-Hanks
Readers: Susan Stryker, Anne Enke, Joe Austin, Rachel Buff

Stefanie Snider
Envisioning Bodily Difference: Refiguring Fat and Lesbian Subjects in Contemporary Art and Visual Culture, 1968-2009
University of Southern California, Art History
Supervisor: Richard Meyer
Readers: Judith Halberstam and Eunice Howe

Zeb Tortorici
Contra Natura: Sin, Crime, and ‘Unnatural’ Sexuality in Colonial Mexico, 1530-1821
UCLA, Department of History
Supervisor: Kevin Terraciano
Readers: Teofilo Ruiz, Lauren Derby, James Schultz


Pablo Ben
Male Sexuality, the Popular Classes, and the State: Buenos Aires, 1880-1955
University of Chicago, History
Supervisors: Dain Borges and George Chauncey
Reader: José Moya

Richard Clark
City of Desire: A History of Same-sex Desire in New Orleans, 1917-1977
Tulane University, History
Supervisor: Rachel Devlin
Readers: Daniel Hurewitz, Randy Sparks

Gillian Frank
“Save Our Children”: The Sexual Politics of Child Protection in the
United States, 1965-1990
Brown University, American Civilization
Supervisor: Mari Jo Buhle
Readers: Richard Meckel, Susan Smulyan

Emily K. Hobson
Imagining Alliance: Queer Anti-Imperialism and Race in California, 1966-1990
University of Southern California, American Studies & Ethnicity
Supervisor: George Sanchez

Megan MacDonald
Indigenous American Two-Spirit Women and Urban Citizenship in the Late Twentieth Century
Purdue University, American Studies
Supervisor: Susan Curtis
Readers: Laurie Graham, Evelyn Blackwood, Bill Mullen

Margaret Robinson
Turning Points in Identity and Theology: Bisexual Women Choosing Between Monogamous and Polyamorous Relationships
University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto School of Theology, University of Toronto, Theology
Supervisor: Marilyn Legge
Readers: Traci West, Marsha Hewitt, Tom Reynolds

Timothy Stewart-Winter
Raids, Rights, and Rainbow Coalitions: Sexuality and Race in Chicago Politics, 1950-2000
University of Chicago, History
Supervisor: George Chauncey
Readers: Amy Dru Stanley, James T. Sparrow, William H. Sewell, Jr.

Jennifer Tyburczy
Exhibiting Sexualities: Pleasure, Power, and Performance in Museums
Northwestern University, Performance Studies
Supervisor: Jennifer DeVere Brody
Readers: Lauren Berlant, Tracy C. Davis, E. Patrick Johnson

Andrew Wackerfuss
The Stormtrooper Family: How Sexuality, Spirituality, and Community Shaped the Hamburg SA
Georgetown University, History
Supervisor: Roger Chickering
Readers: Geoffrey Giles, Katrin Sieg, Richard Stites


Brooke M. Campbell
“Woman” For Sale: Feminism, Queer Theory, and the Question of Sex Work
Emory University, Women’s Studies
Supervisors: Lynne Huffer and Mark Jordan
Readers: Martha Fineman, Elissa Marder, Karla Oeler

Wesley Chenault
An Unspoken Past: Atlanta Lesbian and Gay History, 1940-1970
University of New Mexico, American Studies
Supervisor: Alex Lubin
Readers: John Howard, Amy L. Brandzel, Rebecca Schreiber

Eduardo Contreras
The Politics of Community Development: Latinos, their Neighbors, and the State in San Francisco, 1960s and 1970s
University of Chicago, History
Supervisor: George Chauncey

Gareth F. Griffin
Flames of Hate: The New Orleans Upstairs Lounge Fire, 24 June 1973
University of Louisiana at Lafayette, History
Chair: Michael Martin
Readers: Mary Farmer-Kaiser, Keith Dorwick

Jen Manion
Women’s Crime and Prison Reform in Early Pennsylvania, 1786-1829
Rutgers University, History
Supervisor: Nancy Hewitt
Readers: Kathleen Brown, Ann Fabian, Jan Lewis, Jennifer Morgan

Laurie Marhoefer
Among Abnormals: The Queer Sexual Politics of Germany’s Weimar Republic, 1918-1933
Rutgers University, History
Supervisor: Belinda Davis

Damon Scott
The City Aroused: Sexual Politics and the Transformation of San Francisco’s Urban Landscape, 1943-1964
University of Texas at Austin, Geography
Supervisor: Steven D. Hoelscher
Readers: Larry Knopp, Paul C. Adams, Elizabeth Mueller, and Leo E. Zonn

Brock Thompson
An Un-Natural State: Same-sex desire in Arkansas, the Depression through the Clinton Era
King’s College, University of London, American Studies
Supervisor: John Howard
Readers: Mark Turner, Jay Barth

Red Vaughan Tremmel
Sin City Upon a Hill: Play, Urban Conflict, and the Rise of Commercial Liberality
University of Chicago, History
Supervisor: George Chauncey
Readers: Amy Dru Stanley, Lauren Berlant

Jerry T. Watkins III
Underneath the Rainbow: Queer Identity and Community Building in Panama City and the Florida Panhandle 1950 – 1990
Georgia State University, History
Supervisor: Clifford Kuhn
Reader: Michelle Brattain

Amber R. Clifford-Napoleone
Queering the Inferno: Space, Identity, and Kansas City’s Jazz Scene
University of Kansas, American Studies
Supervisor: Sherrie Tucker
Readers: Cheryl Lester, Philip Barnard, Iris Fischer, Brian Donovan

Andrea Lowgren
City Limits: Reputation and the Sexual Cartography of Women’s Mobility in Mid-Twentieth Century San Francisco
University of California, Santa Cruz, History
Supervisor: Dana Frank
Readers: Alice Yang-Murray, Marilyn Westerkamp

Marti Lybeck
Gender, Sexuality, and Belonging: Female Homosexuality in Germany, 1890-1933
University of Michigan, History
Supervisors: Geoff Eley and Kathleen Canning
Readers: Scott Spector, Nancy Hunt, Kerstin Barndt

Daniel Rivers
Radical Relations: A History of Lesbian and Gay Parents and Their Children in the United States, 1945-2003
Stanford University, History
Supervisor: Estelle Freedman
Readers: Albert Camarillo, Paul Robinson

Phil Tiemeyer
Manhood Up in the Air: Gender, Sexuality, Corporate Culture, and the Law in 20th Century America
University of Texas at Austin, American Studies
Supervisor: Janet Davis
Readers: Neville Hoad, Jeff Meikle, Julia Mickenberg, Mark A. Lawrence

Heather Rachelle White
Homosexuality, Gay Communities, and American Churches: A History of a Changing Religious Ethic, 1946-1977
Princeton University, Religion
Supervisor: R. Marie Griffith
Readers: Jeffrey Stout, Albert Raboteau, Leigh Schmidt

Howell Williams
Homosexuality and the American Catholic Church: Reconfiguring the Silence, 1971-1999
Florida State University, Religion
Supervisor: John Corrian
Readers: Amanda Porterfield, Amy Koehlinger, Robin Goodman


Aaron L. Bachhofer, II
The Emergence and Evolution of the Gay and Bisexual Male Subculture in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1889-2005
Oklahoma State University, History
Supervisor: Laura Belmonte
Readers: Michael Logan, Elizabeth Williams, Brad Bays

Leslie Jansen
When Clothes Do Not Make the Man: Female Masculinity and Nationalism in Eighteenth Century British Literature
University of Maryland, English
Supervisor: Susan Lanser
Readers: William Cohen, Vincent Carretta, Katherine King, Laura Rosenthal

James E. Kollenbroich
Our Hour Has Come: The Homosexual Emancipation Movement in the Weimar Republic
University of Illinois at Chicago, History
Supervisor: Richard Levy

Amanda H. Littauer
Unsanctioned Encounters: Women, Girls, and Non-Marital Sexuality in the United States, 1941–1963
University of California, Berkeley
Supervisors: Paula Fass, Mary Ryan

Craig Loftin
Passionate Anxieties: McCarthyism and Homosexual Identities in the United States, 1945-1965
University of Southern California, History
Supervisors: Steven J. Ross, Lois Banner
Readers: Phil Ethington, Michael Messner

Don Romesburg
Arrested Development: Homosexuality, Gender, and American Adolescence, 1890-1930
University of California, Berkeley, History
Supervisor: Paula Fass
Readers: Tom Laqueur, Chris Nealon

Melissa Sky
Twilight Tales: Ann Bannon’s Lesbian Pulp Series “The Beebo Brinker Chronicles”
McMaster University, English
Supervisor: Lorraine York


Nicholas L. Syrett
The Company He Keeps: White College Fraternities, Masculinity, and Power, 1825-1975
University of Michigan, Program in American Culture
Supervisor: Carroll Smith-Rosenberg
Readers: Mary Kelley, Hannah Rosen, Philip Deloria, Matthew Countryman

C. Todd White
“Out of Many…”: A Social History of the Movement for Homosexual Rights
University of Southern California, Anthropology
Supervisor: G. Alexander Moore
Readers: Andre Simic, Jeanne Jackson, Janet Hoskins, Vern L. Bullough, Stephen O. Murray


Margot Canaday
The Straight State: Sexuality and American Citizenship Before Stonewall
University of Minnesota, History
Supervisor: Sara Evans
Readers: Elaine May, Barbara Welke, Sally Kenney, Erika Lee

Kenneth W. Cimino
Gay Assimilation: The Group Consciousness of Gay Conservatives
Claremont Graduate University
Supervisor: Gary Segura
Readers: Harry Pachon, Annette Steinacker

Marcia Gallo
Different Daughters: The Daughters of Bilitis and the Roots of Lesbian and Women’s
Liberation, 1955-1970
City University of New York Graduate Center, History
Supervisor: Martin Duberman
Readers: Bonnie Anderson, Blanche Wiesen Cook, Joshua B. Freeman, Alisa Solomon

Paul Herman
How the Homosexual Became Dangerous: The Cultural Understanding of Male
Homosexuality in the United States, 1890-1977
Stanford University, History
Supervisor: Estelle Freedman
Readers: Paul Robinson, Richard White

Terence Kissack
Anarchism and The Politics of Homosexuality
City University of New York Graduate Center, History
Supervisor: Martin Duberman
Readers: David Nasaw, Blanche Wiesen Cook, Thomas Kessner, Lisa Duggan

J. Todd Ormsby
Experience and Sexuality: Gay Male Publicity, Community and Meaning in 1960s
San Francisco
University of Kansas, American Studies
Supervisor: Robert Antonio
Readers: Angel Kwolek-Folland, Joane Nagel, William Tuttle


David D. Doyle, Jr.
The Dandy and the Aesthete: Middle and Upper Class Gay Male Subcultures in
19th Century America
City University of New York Graduate Center, History
Supervisor: David Nasaw
Readers: Martin Duberman, Randolph Trumbach

Natalia Gerodetti
Modernising Sexualities: Towards a Socio-Historical Understanding of the Construction of Sexuality in Switzerland
University of Leeds, Sociology & Social Policy
Supervisors: Sasha Roseneil, Fiona Williams
Readers: Davina Cooper, Carol Smart

Colin Johnson
Columbia’s Orient: Intimacy, Geography and the Invention of Heterosexuality in Rural America
University of Michigan, American Culture
Co-Chairs: Carroll Smith-Rosenberg and Patsy Yaeger
Readers: Pete Daniel, David M. Halperin, Maria Montoya

Ian Lekus
Queer and Present Dangers: Homosexuality and American Antiwar Activism during the Vietnam Era
Duke University, History
Chair: William Chafe
Readers: John D’Emilio, Felicia Kornbluh, John Herd Thompson, Susan Thorne

David James Prickett
Body Crisis, Identity Crisis: Homosexuality and Aesthetics in Wilhelmine- and Weimar Germany
University of Cincinnati, Germanic Languages and Literatures
Chair: Katharina Gerstenberger
Readers: Todd Herzog, Klaus Mladek, Martin Wechselblatt

Greta Rensenbrink
Reshaping Body Politics: Lesbian Feminism and the Cultural Politics of the Body, 1968-1983
University of Chicago, History
Supervisor: George Chauncey
Readers: Leora Auslander, Elizabeth Povinelli, Amy Dru Stanley

Charles Upchurch
‘ …and every Solicitation, Persuasion, Promise, or Threat’: The Regulation of Male Same-sex Desire in London, 1820 to 1870
Rutgers University, History
Chair: John R. Gillis
Readers: Bonnie G. Smith, Jennifer Jones, Ed Cohen


Cristian Berco
Uncovering the Unmentionable Vice: Male Homosexuality, Race, and Class in Golden
Age Spain
University of Arizona, History
Supervisor: Helen Nader
Readers: Donna Guy, Susan Karant-Nunn

Jennifer Brier
Infectious Ideas: AIDS and the Politics of Conservatism in the 1980s
Rutgers University, History
Supervisor: Alice Kessler-Harris
Readers: Mia Bay, Evelynn Hammonds, James Reed, Bonnie Smith

Eliza Starr Byard
Inverts, Perverts, and National Peril: Federal Responses to Homosexuality, 1890-1956
Columbia University, History
Supervisor: Elizabeth Blackmar
Readers: Eric Foner, Katharine Franke, Alice Kessler-Harris, Rosalind Rosenberg.

Paul Jackson
Courting Homosexuals in the Military: The Management of Homosexuality in the
Canadian Military during the Second World War
Queen’s University, History
Supervisor: Karen Dubinsky
Readers: Jeff Keshen, Marc Epprecht

Tirza Latimer
Looking Like a Lesbian: Portraiture and Sexual Politics in Paris Between the
Stanford University, Art and Art History
Supervisor: Wanda Corn
Readers: Pamela Lee, Richard Meyer, Mary Louise Roberts

Heather Lee Miller
The Teeming Brothel: Sex Acts, Desires, and Sexual Identities in the United
States, 1870-1940
Ohio State University, History
Supervisor:Leila J. Rupp
Readers: Susan Hartmann, Birgitte Soland

Christa Orth
Brothers and Sisters (and Everyone in Between): Sexuality and Class in the Pacific Northwest, 1970-1995
University of Oregon, History
Supervisor: Matthew Garcia
Readers: Peggy Pascoe, Martin Summers


Elise Chenier
Stranger in Our Midst: Male Sexual Deviance’ in Postwar Ontario
Queen’s University, History
Supervisor: Karen Dubinsky
Readers: Mary Louise Adams, Ian McKay, Marc Stein

Karen Duder
The Spreading Depths: Lesbians and Bisexual Women in English Canada, 1910-1965
University of Victoria, History
Supervisor: Lynne Marks
Readers: Holly Devor, Angus McLaren, Elizabeth Vibert

Jennifer V. Evans
Reconstruction Sites: Sexuality, Citizenship, and the Limits of National Belonging in Divided Berlin, 1944-58
SUNY-Binghamton, History
Supervisor: Jean H. Quataert
Readers: Wulf Kansteiner, Ingeborg Majer O’Sickey, Dara Silberstein

Scott Gunther
The Elastic Closet: Legal Censure and Auto-Censure of Homosexuality in France
New York University, French Studies
Supervisor: Herrick Chapman
Readers: Bryant Tip Ragan, Shanny Peer, David Richards, Susan Carol Rogers, Eric Fassin

Daniel Hurewitz
Made in Edendale: Bohemian Los Angeles and the Politics of Sexual Identity,
University of California, Los Angeles, History
Supervisors: Ellen DuBois, Janice Reiff
Readers: Joseph Bristow, David Sabean

Kevin P. Murphy
The Manly World of Urban Reform: Political Manhood and the New Politics of Progressivism in New York City, 1877-1916
New York University, History
Supervisor: Thomas Bender
Readers: Daniel Czitrom, Lisa Duggan, Martha Hodes, Mary Nolan

William Poulin-Deltour
Le Gai Paris Gay? Making Sense of American Influence on Contemporary French Gay
New York University, French Studies
Supervisor: Susan Carol Rogers
Readers: Herrick Chapman, Denis Hollier, Shanny Peer, Tip Ragan

Horacio N. Roque Ramírez
Communities of Desire: Queer Latina/Latino History and Memory, San Francisco Bay
Area, 1960s-1990s
University of California, Berkeley, Comparative Ethnic Studies
Supervisor: Evelyn Nakano Glenn
Readers: Waldo E. Martin, Jr., Michael Omi, Julia E. Curry Rodriguez

Kevin Reilly
The Interpretation of Paul and the Social Construction of Sexuality
Princeton Theological Seminary, Biblical Studies-New Testament
Supervisor: Brian Blount
Readers: Donald Juel and Jaqueline Lapsley

Jens Rydström
Sinners and Citizens: Bestiality and Homosexuality in Sweden 1880-1950
Stockholm University, History
Supervisor: Anders Berge
Readers: George Chauncey, Yvonne Hirdman, Madeleine Leijonhufvud, Jonas Liliequist

Clayton J. Whisnant
Hamburg’s Gay Scene in the Era of Family Politics, 1945-1969
University of Texas at Austin, History.
Supervisor: David C. Crew
Readers: Peter Jelavich, Judith Coffin, Standish Meacham, and Kit Belgum


Brett Abrams
Hooray for Hollywood: Gender and Sexual Non-Conformity During the Classical 
Hollywood Era
American University, History
Supervisor: Vanessa Schwartz
Readers: Douglas Gomery, Rodger Streitmatter

David Churchill
When Home Became Away: American Expatriates and New Social Movements in
 Toronto, 1965–1977
University of Chicago, History
Supervisor: George Chauncey
Readers: Kathleen Conzen, Thomas Holt

Deborah Gould
Sex, Death, and the Politics of Anger: Emotions and Reason in ACT UP’s Fight Against AIDS
University of Chicago, Political Science
Supervisor: William Sewell, Jr.
Readers: Leora Auslander, George Chauncey, Michael Dawson

Chad Heap
Slumming: Sexuality, Race and Urban Commercial Leisure, 1900–1940
University of Chicago, History
Supervisor: George Chauncey
Readers: Leora Auslander, Thomas Holt

David K. Johnson
The Lavender Scare: Gays and Lesbians in the Federal Civil Service, 1945–1975
Northwestern University, History
Supervisor: Michael Sherry
Readers: Henry Binford, Nancy MacLean

Karen C. Krahulik
Cape Queer: The Politics of Sex, Race, and Class in Provincetown,
 Massachusetts, 1859–1999
New York University, History
Supervisor: Lizabeth Cohen
Readers: Lisa Duggan, Martha Hodes, Daniel Walkowitz, Susan Ware

Martin Meeker
Come Out West: Communication and the Gay and Lesbian Migration to San Francisco, 1940s–1960s
University of Southern California, History
Supervisor: Philip Ethington
Readers: Steve Ross, Vanessa Schwartz, Richard Meyer

Meredith Wood
ReSisters in Crime: Politics and Sexuality in Lesbian Detective Fiction
University of Minnesota, American Studies
Supervisor: David Roediger
Readers: Maria Damon, Toni McNaron


Randolph W. Baxter
Eradicating This Menace: Homophobia and Anti-Communism in Congress, 1947–1954
University of California at Irvine, History
Supervisor: Keith L. Nelson
Readers: Spencer C. Olin, Jonathan M. Wiener

Stacy L. Braukman
Anticommunism and the Politics of Race and Sex in Florida,
University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill, History
Supervisor: Jacquelyn D. Hall
Readers: John D’Emilio, Peter Filene, Alison Isenberg

Melissa J. Doak
“She Will Never Get Well While Doing Anything ‘Unnatural’”: Women’s Sexual
 Deviance and Institutional Psychiatry in New York City, 1890-1920
State University of New York at Binghamton, History
Supervisor: Thomas Dublin

Mary Elliott
The Closet of the Heart: Legacies of Domesticity in Tomboy Narratives and Lesbian Pulp Fiction, 1850-1965
University of Wisconsin, English
Supervisor: Gregory Jay
Readers: Lynne Joyrich, Jeff Merrick, Kristie Hamilton, Jane Gallop

David Michael Lugowski
Queering the (New) Deal: Lesbian, Gay and Queer Representation in United States
 Cinema of the Great Depression, 1929-1941
New York University, Cinema Studies
Supervisor: Chris Straayer
Readers: Alex Doty, Henry Jenkins, Alex Doty, Robert Sklartate

Yolanda Retter
On the Side of Angels: Lesbian Activism in Los Angeles, 1970-1990
University of New Mexico, American Studies
Supervisor: Mary Jane Young
Readers: Jane Caputi, Emma Perez, Diana Rebolledo

David Serlin
Built for Living: Imagining the American Body Through Medical Science, 1945–65
New York University, American Studies
Supervisor: Andrew Ross
Readers: Lizabeth Cohen, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Dorothy Nelkin, Daniel


Julian B. Carter
White Love: Sexual Normality and the Future of the Race, 1890-1940
University of California at Irvine, History
Supervisor: Alice Fahs

Elizabeth Clement
Trick or Treat: Prostitution and Working-Class Women’s Sexuality in NYC, 1900–1932
University of Pennsylvania, History
Supervisors: Drew Faust, Carroll Smith-Rosenberg
Readers: Kathy Brown, Lori Ginzberg

Jennifer Gilbert
Diversity, Difference and Power: The National Organization for Women and the 
Politics of Identity, 1966–1976
Duke University
Supervisor: William Chafe
Readers: Ray Gavins, Lawrence Goodwyn, Nancy Hewitt

David Michael Robinson
To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before: The Representation of Lesbianism 
in Mid-Seventeenth- to Early Eighteenth-Century British and French 
University of California, Berkeley, English
Supervisor: Catherine Gallagher
Readers: James Grantham Turner, Carla Hesse


Brett Beemyn
A Queer Capital: Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Life in Washington, D.C.,
University of Iowa, American Studies
Supervisor: Leslie Schwalm
Readers: Jane Desmond, Mickey Eliason, Kim Marra, Fred Woodard

John Howard
Men Like That: Male Homosexualities in Mississippi, 1945–1985
Emory University, Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts
Supervisor: Allen Tullos
Readers: Martin Duberman, Catherine Nickerson, Mary Odem

Christopher Nealon
Material Fantasy: Identification as History in United States Lesbian and Gay Literature and Culture
Cornell University, English
Supervisor: Mark Seltzer
Readers: Shirley Samuels and Timothy Murray

William A. Peniston
Pederasts and Others: A Social History of Male Homosexuality in the Early Years of the French Third Republic
University of Rochester, History
Supervisor: Bonnie G. Smith
Readers: Alice Conklin, William McGrath, Thomas DiPiero


Jane Gerhard
Desiring Revolution: Second Wave Feminism and the Rewriting of American Sexual Thought, 1920–1980
Brown University, American Civilization
Supervisor: Mari Jo Buhle
Readers: Lisa Duggan, Richard Meckel, Susan Smulyan

James N. Green
Beyond Carnival: Homosexuality in Twentieth-Century Brazil
University of California at Los Angeles, History
Supervisor: José C. Moya
Readers: Karen Brodkin, Ellen DuBois, Ramon Gutierrez

Gregory M. Pflugfelder
Cartographies of Desire: Male-Male Sexuality in Japanese Discourse,
Stanford University, History
Supervisor: Peter Duus
Readers: Estelle Freedman, James Ketelaar

William B. Turner
Sex and the American Subject: Foucault’s Impact on Feminist and Lesbian/Gay Scholars
Vanderbilt University, History
Supervisor: Paul K. Conkin
Readers: Michael Bess, James Epstein, Valerie Traub

Anne Valk
Separatism and Sisterhood: Race, Sex, and Women’s Activism in
 Washington, D.C.,1963-1980
Duke University, History
Supervisor: Nancy Hewitt
Readers: William Chafe, Ray Gavins, Bob Korstad, Jean O’Barr


Nan Alamilla Boyd
San Francisco Was A Wide Open Town: Charting the Emergence of Gay and 
Lesbian Communities Through the Mid-Twentieth Century
Brown University, American Civilization
Supervisor: Mari Jo Buhle
Readers: Henry Abelove, Anne Fausto-Sterling

Scott Bravmann
Queer Fictions of the Past
University of California, Santa Cruz, History of Consciousness

Andrea Friedman
Prurient Interests: Anti-Obscenity Campaigns in New York City, 1909–1945
University of Wisconsin at Madison, History
Supervisor: Linda Gordon
Readers: Paul Boyer, Juli D’Acci, Carl Kaestle, Steve Stern

Katie Gilmartin
The Very House of Difference: Intersections of Identities in the Life Histories of Colorado Lesbians, 1940–1965
Yale University, American Studies
Readers: Nancy Cott, Elizabeth Kennedy, Hazel Carby


Rudi Bleys
Male-to-Male Sexual Behaviour and the Ethnographic Imagination, 1750–1918
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Catholic University Leuven/Louvain)
Supervisor: Prof. R. De Schryver
Readers: R. Devisch, Rudi Laermans, Leen van Molle, Gert Hekma

Matthew Harvey Sommer
Sex, Law, and Society in Late Imperial China
University of California, Los Angeles, History
Supervisor: Phillip Huang

Marc Stein
The City of Sisterly and Brotherly Loves: The Making of Lesbian and Gay Movements in Greater Philadelphia, 1945–1972
University of Pennsylvania, History
Supervisor: Carroll Smith-Rosenberg
Readers: Mary Frances Berry, Michael B. Katz

Juan Antonio Suarez
Avant-garde Cinema and Mass Culture: The 1960s American Underground
Indiana University
Supervisor: James Naremore
Readers: Matei Calinescu, Patrick Brantlinger, Barbara Klinger

John Donald Wrathall
American Manhood and the Y.M.C.A., 1868–1920
University of Minnesota, History
Supervisor: Rudolph Vecoli


Leisa Meyer
Creating G. I. Jane: The Women’s Army Corps During World War II
University of Wisconsin at Madison, History
Supervisor: Linda Gordon
Readers: Jeanne Boydston, Mary Gilfus, Stanley Schultz

Kevin J. Mumford
From Vice to Vogue: Black/White Sexuality and the 1920s
Stanford University, History
Supervisor: Estelle B. Freedman
Readers: George M. Frederickson, Mary Lou Roberts

Vernon Rosario
Doctors, Patients, and Novelists: Narrating the Erotic Imagination in Nineteenth-Century France
Harvard University, History of Science
Supervisor: Anne Harrington
Readers: Allan Brandt, Robert Nye


Lisa Duggan
The Trials of Alice Mitchell: Sex, Science, and Sensationalism in Turn of 
the Century America
University of Pennsylvania, History
Supervisor: Carroll Smith-Rosenberg
Readers: Michael B. Katz, Walter Licht, Judith Walkowitz

Les Wright
The Chiasmic Bind: Comparative Studies in Contemporary Gay Male
University of California at Berkeley, Comparative Literature
Supervisor: Avital Ronell
Readers: Anton Kaes, Kenneth Weisinger


Will Roscoe
The Zuni Man-Woman: An Ethnohistorical Study of a Third Gender Role
University of California at Santa Cruz, History of Consciousness
Supervisor: Gary Lease
Readers: Carolyn Clark, Triloki Pandey


Susan A. Cahn
Coming On Srong: Gender and Sexuality in Women’s Sport.
University of Minnesota, History
Supervisor: Sara Evans
Readers: Mary Jo Maines, Russ Menard, Janet Spector

Sharon Ullman
Broken Silences: Sex and Culture in Turn of the Century America
University of California, Berkeley, History
Supervisor: Mary Ryan
Readers: Leon Litwack, Barbara Christian

Kevin F. White
The Flapper’s Boyfriend: The Revolution in Morals and the Emergence of
 Modern American Male Sexuality, 1910-1930
Ohio State University, History
Supervisor: Leila Rupp
Readers: John Burnham, Warren Van Tine


George Chauncey
Gay New York: Urban Culture and the Making of the Gay Male World, 1890–1940
Yale University, History
Supervisor: Nancy Cott
Readers: John Boswell, David Montgomery


Michael Lombardi
The Translation of the Works by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs with Special Emphasis 
on Research on the Riddle of Man-Manly Love
ONE Institute Graduate School


John D’Emilio
Out of the Shadows: The Homosexual Emancipation Movement in the United States
Columbia University, History.
Supervisor: William Leuchtenburg.
Readers: Kenneth Jackson, Rosalind Rosenberg


Ramón A. Gutiérrez
Marriage, Sex, and the Family: Social Change in Colonial New Mexico, 1690-1846
University of Wisconsin, Madison, History
Supervisor: Peter H. Smith
Readers: Thomas Skidmore, Steve J. Stern


Salvatore John Licata
Gay Power: A History of the American Gay Movement, 1908–1974
University of Southern California, History
Supervisor: Frank Mitchell


Rictor Norton
The Homosexual Literary Tradition: An Interpretation
Florida State University, English Literature
Supervisor: Harry Morris