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viewHistory of Sexuality in the United StatesMcKenna, Kevin2015 SummerUniversity of Washington
viewQueer History in Comparative PerspectiveSommer, Matthew2015 SpringStanford University
viewGender, Sexuality, and Law in U.S. HistoryStein, Marc2015 FallSan Francisco State University
viewHistory of Sexuality in the United StatesDavis, Rebecca L.2014 FallUniversity of Delaware
viewQueering Europe: Sexualities and Politics Since 1850Waters, Chris2014 FallWilliams College
viewSexuality and the Body in the Modern WorldChiang, Howard2013-2014University of Warwick
viewHeterosexualitiesStein, Marc2013 WinterYork University
viewHistory of Sexuality in the United States, Canada, and Western EuropeStein, Marc2013 WinterYork University
viewLGBT HistoryDeFonso, Chet2013 WinterNorthern Michigan University
viewGender and Sexuality in North American HistoryStein, Marc2013 SummerYork University
viewSex and the CityRoss, Andrew2013 Spring Kenyon College
viewAmerican SexualitiesPalmer, David2013 SpringUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
viewIntroduction to LGBTQ StudiesFriedman, Andrea2013 SpringWashington University, St. Louis
viewQueer TheoriesBoyd, Nan Alamilla2013 SpringSan Francisco State University
viewSexual Politics: Sluts, Spinsters, and Drag Queens: Sexual Norms and DeviationsYao, Christine2013 SpringCornell University
viewGender and Sexuality in Early Modern EuropeMorris, Marilyn2013 SpringUniversity of North Texas
viewQueer on the Quads: LGBTQ
Oral History at the University
of Chicago
Mercado, Monica2013 SpringUniversity of Chicago
viewUnited States Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender HistoriesPalmer, David2012 SpringUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
viewAIDS, Politics, and CultureBrier, Jennifer2012 SpringUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
viewQueer American HistoryEaklor, Vicki L.2012 FallAlfred University
viewIntroduction to LGBT StudiesStewart-Winter, Timothy2012 FallRutgers University, Newark
viewGay Men and Lesbians in United States HistoryUnger, Nancy2012 FallSanta Clara University
viewHistory of Sexuality in the United StatesDavis, Rebecca2012 FallUniversity of Delaware
viewRace and Sexual Politics in Modern AmericaStewart-Winter, Timothy2011 SpringRutgers University--Newark
viewUrban Sexualities in US HistoryStewart-Winter, Timothy2011 SpringRutgers University, Newark
viewGLBTQ History in the United States 1850 - 1980
Frank, Gill2011 SpringColby College
viewSexuality in 20th Century AmericaClement, Elizabeth2011 SpringUniversity of Utah
viewThe History and Psychology of the “Gay” Family in America:
Origins, Context, and Implications
Clement, Elizabeth and Lisa Diamond2011 SpringUniversity of Utah
viewCulture and SexualityD'Emilio, John2011 FallUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
viewQueer HistoriesFriedman, Andrea2011 FallWashington University, St. Louis
viewReal Men and Dragon Ladies:
Race and Sexuality in America, 1662-­1965
Heinz, Annelise2011 FallStanford University
viewHistory of LGBT Sexual SubculturesCahn, Susan2011 FallUniversity of Buffalo
viewHistory of SexualityCanaday, Margot2011 FallPrinceton University
viewLesbian and Gay HistoryGinzberg, Lori2010 SpringPenn State University
viewSexuality and CultureBrier, Jennifer2010 FallUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
viewPopular Culture in the Americas: Case Studies in Race, Gender, and SexualityAparicio, Frances and Jennifer Brier2008 SpringUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
viewGay and Lesbian LiteratureEndres, Niko2005 SpringWestern Kentucky University
viewAmerican Women’s HistoryBrier, Jennifer2005 SpringUniversity of Illinois at Chicago
viewLesbian and Gay HistoryGinzberg, Lori2005 FallPennsylvania State University
viewHistoriography: The Histories of Women, Masculinities, Gender and SexualityBederman, Gail2005 FallUniversity of Notre Dame
viewHistory of Sex, Sexuality, and Gender in British North America and the U.S., to 1900Bederman, Gail2005 FallUniversity of Notre Dame
viewQueering Public PolicyTurner, William2004 SummerUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison
viewPolicing the Crisis: Histories of Sex Panics in the United StatesFrank, Gill2004 FallBrown University
viewHistory of Sexuality in the United StatesStein, Marc2002-2003 Fall-SpringYork University
viewLesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Experiences in the Twentieth Century United StatesRegenhardt, Christy2002 WinterUniversity of Maryland, College Park
viewGay Men and Lesbians in United States HistoryUnger, Nancy2002 SpringSanta Clara University
viewMaking Love: Romance in American CultureAbrams, Brett
Marisic, Ann
2002 SpringAmerican University
viewAlternative Sexual Identities and Communities in the Contemporary United StatesMeeker, Martin2002 SpringUniversity of California Berkeley
viewHistorians and Sexual DissidencesHiggs, David2001-2002 Fall-SpringUniversity of Toronto
viewThe History of Sexuality in Modern Western CultureMcManus, Sheila2000-2001 Fall-WinterYork University
viewAmerican Communities: Gender, Sexuality, and Oral HistoryKrahulik, Karen
Lekus, Ian
2000 FallDuke University
viewGraduate Seminar in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender StudiesWilliams, Walter2000 FallUniversity of Southern California
viewHistorical Perspectives on Gender OrientationLemay, Helen1999 FallState University of New York at Stony Brook
viewPrescriptions for Perversity: Treating Homosexuality in the United StatesRosario, Vernon1998 WinterUniversity of California, Los Angeles
viewMasculinity and Gay History in 20th Century AmericaBaxter, Randolph William1998 SummerUniversity of California, Irvine
viewSexual Identity and Urban CommunitySerlin, David1998 SpringNew York University
viewHistorical Perspectives on Sexuality: Same-Sex Sexuality in the Western WorldRupp, Leila1998 FallOhio State University
viewHistory of Sexuality in AmericaLekus, Ian1997 SummerDuke University
viewLesbian History and CultureMorris, Bonnie J. George Washington University
viewHistory of Sexuality in the United States, 1900 to the PresentRegenhardt, ChristyUniversity of Maryland, College Park
viewLatin American History of SexualityBen, PabloUniversity of Chicago
viewThe History Problem in Lesbian and Gay StudiesRobinson, DavidUniversity of Arizona